Posted by: crosspeace | November 5, 2012

As the Stomach Turns

There used to be a funny takeoff on the show “As The World Turns” that was called “As the Stomach Turns.” I think it may have been in Mad Magazine from when I was a kid. (Does anyone still read Mad?) I don’t know about you, but I am feeling the same way about election news. Obviously, this is written one day before we know the results of the 2012 election and, frankly, I am so tired of all the acrimony, the phony lies projected from both sides and the fear projection that I can’t wait for this thing to be over regardless who wins. But the sad fact is that the next election cycle has already started in the campaigns, first for the next mid-term election and then the primaries of 2016 that really I don’t suspect anything much will change. The FB androids will be chattering ceaselesslyand it will be more doom and gloom of the same. Is this what Jesus called “living life abundantly?”

Well, the anwser to all of this nonsense is not something external. There will be no law passed to required civil discourse, nor will the excitment of projecting an alter ego semi-anonymously on the Internet diminish. The limits for this stuff can only come from a calm spirit, grounded in a secure relationship with Truth. Ultimately the events that so enrage us today will likely be only a scant few multiple choice questions on some future teacher’s history test and the kids will be bored with having to know what upset us so much. We need to be much more concerned with things eternal. Jesus is clear about what our concerns ought to be for the present. Are the hungry fed? Are the sick healed? Are the lonely visited? Is the prisoner set free?  If not then we have a whole lot more to be concerned about before we have time for bogus news stories and boogie man tales.

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